Registration for ProgFest 2023 has begun!

You are currently viewing Registration for ProgFest 2023 has begun!

You would like to learn how to program in Python, or deepen your knowledge in programming? Register now for the 2nd edition of ProgFest!

ProgFest will be held over two days, alternating presentations and hands-on workshops on various programming topics. There will be conferences for all levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced). The topics are varied, covering the basics of programming (object-oriented programming, unit testing), the use of programming for problem solving (image analysis, Monte Carlo calculations) and more advanced programming concepts (multiprocessing, network analysis, high performance computing). Throughout the day, you will be able to choose which presentations you attend. It will be possible to switch freely from one level to another. Click here to see the whole ProgFest program.

In addition to the presentations and hands-on workshops, you will also have the chance to attend two keynote presentations, given by two speakers who will address participants of all levels. More details will follow.

And what better way to unwind after a busy day? On Monday evening, you are invited to a networking event in the lobby of Pavillon Vachon, and on Tuesday evening, a group dinner will be held at the Pub Universitaire. You will have the opportunity to exchange with the other participants as well as the ProgFest speakers.

To register: