Upcoming activity: ProgFest

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Under the initiative of the DCC Lab and the CREATE-SMAART program, we are pleased to invite you to ProgFest!

This is an educational activity that aims to provide programming knowledge and tools that will be useful to solve scientific problems, specifically related to the fields of physics and engineering physics.

The ProgFest will be held over two days, alternating between presentations by experts and hands-on workshops on various programming topics. Three levels will be offered: beginner, intermediate and advanced. The topics are varied, covering the basics of programming (object-oriented programming, unit testing), the use of programming for problem solving (differential equation simulations, image analysis, Monte Carlo calculations) and more advanced programming concepts (multiprocessing, network analysis, high performance computing). Throughout the day, you will be able to choose which presentations you will attend. It will be possible to change freely from one level to another.

For more information, visit the ProgFest web page.