CERVO Trainee Day 2021

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The “Institut de Neurophotonique d’été”, organized by the DCC lab, is dedicated to bring together the CERVO center’s student trainees to foster a group spirit during the summer. Throughout the summer, lectures on various neuroscience research topics are offered to students. At the end of the summer, trainees are invited to present their research results at a conference day. The INE activities are an excellent opportunity for networking and building student-researcher connections.

The Trainees Day on August 12, which closed the INE 2021 session, allowed 24 student trainees to present the results of their research. The event was a success for the dynamism of the knowledge sharing as well as the networking between students and researchers. In addition to learning about the students’ various projects, this day was a great way to thank the summer interns for their participation in the conferences offered throughout the summer by CERVO researchers.

Special congratulations to our three interns Emile, Benjamin and Justine for their participation!