Prof. Daniel Côté

Position: Professor, Department of Physics, Université Laval

2004-2006: Post-doctoral fellow – Wellman Center, Harvard Medical School
2002-2004: Post-doctoral fellow – Ontario Cancer Institute, University of Toronto
1996-2003: Ph. D. – Physics, University of Toronto
1995-1996: M. Sc. – Physics, University of Toronto
1992-1995: B. Sc. – Physics, Université Laval

Public calendar:
Cell: +1 (418) 559-4620

Research interests

The group works on developing and applying new optical techniques to problems in neuroscience. There are three main themes: neurosurgical guidance with spectroscopy, multimodal live animal microscopy for disease characterization with novel modalities (such as coherent Raman for myelin imaging and cancer diagnosis),  and imaging of brain activity to extract and model processing patterns in the zebrafish.

Key words: neurosurgery, neurosurgical guidance, spectroscopy, microscopy, live animal imaging, endoscopy, multimodal, video, optical detection of neuronal activity (calcium and electrical), complexity analysis, network modelling, information processing.