Opening: Student and post-doct positions, optical fibre devices

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Job offerWe are hiring.   We have a need for students (M. Sc and Ph.D.) and post-docts (all levels) in the group with an excellent knowledge of fibre-based devices in the laboratory.  We are looking for people who generally “like to build things” for two projects: Neurosurgical Guidance with Optical Fibers (Messaddeq, Galstian, Parent, Cantin, Prudhomme, Côté) and New technologies for pharmaceutical targets in chronic pain (Y. De Koninck, Adamantidis, Vallée, Côté).  Requirements for the position:

  • Excellent practical knowledge of fibres  (e.g., fiber coupling, fiber splicing, connectors and selection criteria). 
  • Knowledge and interest in detection and data acquisition (photodetectors in general but PMTs and photodiodes (avalanche or not) in particular).
  • Knowledge of MATLAB (data acquisition toolbox).
  • Excellent technical knowledge of linear and nonlinear optics.
  • Very good working knowledge of lasers and other light sources.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Being resourceful and interested in neuroscience.
  • Must have an interest in working on clinical and pre-clinical projects.

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